Constantine as Cheetara



Cosplayer: Constantine
This has been a dream costume of mine for a long time ~ I absolutely adored Cheetara when I was a kid and am sooo happy to finally cosplay her.

The costume itself is very simple - I found an interesting type of orange spandex that seems to be coated in something like latex (I neglected to look at the name of the fabric when I bought it) and made the orange leotard. The boot covers are also made out of the orange fabric and some brown micro-suede. The tights were purchased from American Apparel - I chopped one leg off of a pair and sewed it onto the leotard to create Cheetara's sleeve. Her gauntlet is craft foam covered in the orange fabric and brown micro-suede (attached with fabric glue then hot glued together).

The Thundercats logo was cut out of red and black kona cotton, fused together with double-sided fusible interfacing, then top-stitched onto the leotard.

The wig from - straight 18" long, Autumn Gold color. I placed black feathers in it to replicate Cheetara's spots.

For make-up, I used Make-Up Forever Professional Flash Color in Red, purple Nars eyeshadow and other assorted MAC products. I set the makeup with Make-Up Forever Professional High Definition Powder, which helped the face paint stay in place perfectly FOR HOURS! Yay!