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Ellen Ripley of the USCSS Nostromo, called the best female character in sci-fi film. This is the blue jumpsuit she wears through most of the film Alien. No part of this is screen-accurate except the patches, but it's fun and remarkably recognizable.


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Series Alien
Character Ellen Ripley


Nostromo95 Oh I see. Thank you very much! :)

tereshkova2001 The jumpsuit is from an Army-Navy Surplus store, and the patches and pins came from here: http://www.patchesnpins.com/aliens%20page.htm. The shoes are Converse high-tops and the wig is from Arda Wigs. The two shirts are from thrift stores; I might add some detail to the white work shirt and I might not. I still need to find some old Casio watches and string them together like hers.

Nostromo95 That is so awesome! You can't mistake that costume or that look! Could you please tell me where you got that from? I love it!

UncleTim I'd say the attitude is screen accurate. Downright bad-ass in fact. :) The only thing I think is missing is a cat!

tereshkova2001 Thank you! I've gotten a way better reception than I thought I would. Maybe I'll make her improvised gun for my next con.

Rinoa07 I knew who exactly who you were when I saw the thumbnail and I got very excited! It's great to see a Ripley cosplayer out there!