Haunting Ground/Demento



Budget Cost: 15$
Stretch poplin: 2 yards- 7$'s each
Bias tape: 1$

(Stretch poplin)

~All the embroidery were stenciled with a chalk transfer of the designs and hand painted on wit acrylic paint.


I drafted the design from the original. The wrinkles was applied with an iron. I also stained the apron with coffee. The blood is acrylic paint.

~The turtle neck is only a faux turtle neck, as it is attached to the seam of the apron.

bought from ebay.

I used a base of 1 inch thick foam for the curls. They didn't stay in long, but held through the test shoot I did.

Difficulty: 3/5

1) That hair. :< So weird.
2.) I had a lot of trouble with the fit of the skirt. I had to do it twice over because I cut it wrong in the thigh the first time. I'm used to doing regular circle skirts.


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Series Haunting Ground/Demento
Character Daniella


Gummibar Thank you Wolf May Cry! I'd probably be horrible in a movie cause I can't stay serious, but I am glad this of that quality anyways. :) I miss this costume very much.

Wolf_May_Cry Wow! Awesome Daniella cosplay! You could star in a movie as her, that's just how good it is.

Gummibar Demento is a very special, obscure game. =) It's worth at least one play through! Thank you!