Ayuhara Mila

Mila Superstar



FINALLY!!! This was one my biggest cosplay wishes EVER :D I grew up with mila and I loved the series so unbelieveably! It was so much fun being Mila for a day =) And I was really happy to get so much great feedback for my costume! Thanks a lot! I put a lot of efford in my wig and my sport clothes :D It was harder to sew than it might look, cause the proportions of the shirt and the pants are abso
lutely weired XD I tried to sew the forms as original and strange as they are in the anime haha. And I think I did a good job, the pants look so stupid XD
I chose a very dark wig cause she has such dark hair in the anime. I know her hair are pretty light brown on some artworks and on the DVD cover. But I liked the anime-version more ;)


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Series Mila Superstar
Character Ayuhara Mila


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