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I'm not a very good seamstress, this costume is instead modified from purchases which I've worked very hard on and am still in the process of doing. I don't claim to know anything about sewing, in fact most everything I've done so far has just been me winging it and hoping that the cosplay will turn out alright, so please be patient.

Catsuit: I ended up re-purchasing a different suit for many reasons I suppose. The catsuit I had prior felt cheap-- if not thin and oddly uncomfortable in places it shouldn't have been. I honestly didn't think the type of PVC could withstand real stitches [thus the reason they were painted on before] and the zipper on the front was so long that it reached from my neck all the way under my unmentionable and toward my backside. It gave me a rather exposed feeling I didn't care for, and I really didn't like being paranoid that at a con someone might be staring at my "butt-zipper". This more recent bodysuit was purchased from Amazon. A more expensive catsuit with an already built in turtleneck would have cost me around well over my budget which I really didn't have the funds for so I settled on a cheaper one made by a costume company and made whatever modifications I felt necessary to do so.

The turtleneck: This was an... interesting thing to construct out of the materials at hand. Although I had no use for the separate cowl that was included with the catsuit it wasn't entirely useless to me. I was able to cut the neck off of the hood and cut off the unnecessary baggy parts before resewing them so that it would fit the circumference of my neck snugly.

Corset: The corset came from here []. I ended up getting rid of laced up midsection altogether at the front by cutting off the button flaps and discarding the strings. It just didn't look very Catwomany with that in the front, most likely I may get a more accurate corset in the future after I'm in a better financial situation.

The Claws: After some research of other Catwoman cosplays I knew enough that I wanted to do something with thimbles, despite how easily they made it look punching a hole through stainless steel metal wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Working with what materials I had at hand I ended up using crazy glue to adhere the heads of screws to the thimbles and waited for them to dry, then using wire I used various sewing needles and metal scraps I attached them to the screws before gluing those as well into place.

Stitches: This was a two-part process. For each place that needed a stitch I sliced open the spots and then sewed them back together [the catsuit as you can see isn't completely form fitting to me so I could take these liberties without feeling like I might take too much fabric in and it wouldn't fit me afterward]. After sewing the folds back together I then added a nice thin white ribbon to add to the aesthetic of the suit. [A big thanks to VelvetNeko on Deviantart for giving me the guidance when it had come to what kind of white thread to use! :) ]

For those of you wondering this cosplay has cost me near the two hundred dollar zone.


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Character Catwoman (Retired)


Mr. Robot Extraordinary Catwoman! It looks very true to the Batman Returns version; you look like you popped right out of the screen, lol. Awesome work and you look amazing wearing it!

11thDrWho Very cool costume very well done and its looks good.

SelinaK Very impressive!

11thDrWho Wow that is amazing very well done.

Mohmoh simply stunning CATWOMAN. Bravo!

benihime wow..STUNNING catwoman cosplay!!