Madoka Kaname

Puella Magi Madoka Magica



Made the entire costume from scratch. debuted it at anime midwest 2012.

:Costume detail:
The costume was pretty was one of those type of costume that for me, they looked simple, but were a secret challenge. from my lack of experience at sewing.
but i pretty much worked with a scrap piece of tan fabric i had, and i made the entire shirt out of that, i wasn't entirely sure how to make sleeves so i ended up making two separate parts the puffy part i made attach to the actual tan part of the shirt, and i stuff it with stuffing to give it the shape, and the long part of the sleeves i attached to the under white collar part of the shirt.
Made a generic bow, added lace all around the shirt.

Skirt was a simple pleated skirt.

I felt so flattered because people thought my costume was store bought XD, but nope i made it all myself XD, [you can tell by the crude inside of the costume XD]


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Series Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character Madoka Kaname


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