Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



This will be my best costume ever.
He's my favorite male character. So i have to make it the best i can.
Well i want to talk about cost to let everyone know how much it costs to get the best looking Cloud Strife Advent Children Costume....
So....Here goes nothing lol

Shirt and Bag/Half Skirt - About $85-90 including fabric cost, buckles and commissioner cost.

Pants - About $35 including cargo pants, fabric for the pockets, eyelet straps and small buckles, new thread.

Boots - About $60 including boots themselves, vinyl and zippers.

Ahoulder Armor - $225

Sheath Thing - $185

Wig - About $45 including wig and products to style it.

Gloves - Roughly $30 (yea i know a lot..they are snake skin biker gloves).

Clip On Ear Rings - $28 (X2 1 set for ears/1 set for gloves)


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Cloud Strife
Variant Movie Version


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