I've wanted to cosplay Lavi ever since I first got into D.Gray-man, but stuff intervened, like my hatred of zippers, an incredibly nearsighted left eye, and general laziness. Then I saw the shirt he wears toward the end of the series, and went OMG WANT. The rest of the outfit didn't look too hard, so I went with it, and as for the eye, I'll just be mirror-version when I need to walk and swap it over for photos.

Shirt-- Some sort of synthetic suiting that looked like wool until I did a burn swatch. I used bias tape to make the collar edging and rattail cord to make the frog.

Eyepatch-- Stole it from my Pip Bernadotte cosplay.

Pants-- Stole from Synchronicity Len.

Boots-- Stole from my closet.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Lavi


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