The Sandman



I was originally going to do the tank top, jeans, belt, wrist cuff look of Death's. I had it all ready to go. Then I read "Death: The High Cost of Living" and love what she wears when she's Didi. All I had to do was add the hat and the jacket!

The hat is from Amazon. Just do a search for "costume top hat" and many options come up. I just looked for one that looks right. The wig is the Vegas wig from Arda Wigs with the ponytail wefts removed. The Ankh I got at the Ohio State Ren Faire at a wonderful vendor whose name I can't remember.

The tank top I already had. Simple enough to get, though. The jeans are black jeggings from Target. The belt I bought from Amazon. The cuff I already had along with the boots.

I got a three-button leather jacket from Goodwill. It may be a little long, and her jacket may not be leather. But when I saw it I just knew it was Didi's.


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Series The Sandman
Character Death
Variant Didi


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