littlekoishii as Eureka


Eureka Seven

Cosplayer: littlekoishii
The dress came with a felt gold necklace, and a matching thigh pouch, but I substituted the felt necklace for the better one I already had. Of course, there were things I wanted to fix up on the costume. I sewed down the little white flaps on the front, and used fabric glue to bind the fabric to the all of the buttons, since one of them popped off the night before the convention. I bought and painted the hair clips. The boots were the most difficult part of the costume. I ordered the boots online, and bought a yard of blue fabric. I spent a lot of time cutting, gluing, and hand-sewing to get all the pieces I need to fit properly, especially when it came to curving the fabric around the boots without leaving any lumps. I glued a zipper down the front to mimic the actual boots Eureka wears.