Kukaku Shiba




One of my favorites so far! It is super comfy. I need to figure out a better bandage for my shoulder as it kept slipping the entire day.

For the shirt I used stretchy red fabric and painted the design on it after I sewed it (including the white). A tip for designs I use is the sketch the design on paper then trace the back of it using a window as a lighting board behind it or using a marker to see through the sheet, then doing a thin line of fabric paint inside the line on the reversed side and using it like a stamp. Then all you have to do it touch up your outline!

The skirt is less stretchy that the shirt but still decently so. I pleated the top and hid it under the scrunchy black belt to give it more volume.

The bandages were just cheap white cloth I cut into strips and wrapped on my head, arm, feet. The arm band was just two strips of material sewn together with some twine for the finishing touch.

The tattoo was done with permanent marker and I added a bit of black face paint and black eyeshadow to set it and make it smoother looking. I also just dyed my hair black.

Wooden arm.. well I really wanted to make a real one to encase my arm but with lack of time and skill I bought a darker foundation and a lighter stick of more. I drew the joints and lines with permanent maker and then used brown eyeliner to draw swirls which you then cover up with the darker of the two foundations but not smudging the lines completely away. Add highlights with the lighter one. Then a ton of setting powder! I left the palm of my hand not painted. (Basically used this wonderful video I found online http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNp4ETZ0bo )

Think that covers it!


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