Fire Emblem

Burgundy velvet for the overcoat. Handmade satin bias tape.

The armour is heat treated craft foam sealed with mod podgy coats. It was painted with water downed acrylics to avoid brush streaks and then aged with gold and black colouring.

The raised designs on the outside of the armour are pillow piping hardened with glue and then painted. The patterns on the interior of the armour are air drying clay.

The wig is a dark red Cosplay.com wig with added purple undertones (with a sharpie). The braid was first made with long red fabric triangles that were stuffed and then covered with hair and braided. My bangs were cut and styled -- but after 5 hours sweating in it, they began to droop D= So I'll have to reinforce the minds of hair spray with wire.

The axe is heat treated foam over a core of foam board, and pvc pipe.

All parts that were to be metal were also coated with a thick gloss finish to add to the shine.

Anime North 2012 Masquerade entry

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Series Fire Emblem
Character Titania
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