Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon



I was my long dream, and I'm realy happy about the outcome <333

Have to make all the elements for the breast plate out of fimo and then had to gild some of them

Also It was hard to decide of the actual design and colors. The manga one is different than anime so I decided to go with the flow : D

Also, the wig is made by me : D The ponytails are 150cm long <333 In my opinion there are no nice redy wigs to buy so, it left me short of choice :P I'm kind of happy how the wig looks, still could be better but it was first time doing someting like that XDD

Oh I soooooo love sera muun

EDIT: in 2015 I fixed all the problms. Made new better wig, the beads are now the way they should be, the inner dress is all new as old one got small and just uncomfy (and so so badly made i cried when I saw it)
After that I got a big photoshoot and now comes the spam : D


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Usagi Tsukino
Variant Prisoness dress


Hybryda Fabulousity: I made it from two simple wigs, one 150cm long and one shorter.

Fabulousity Please tell me how you made your wig/where you got it!!!

Narnian Very beautiful!