Kingdom Hearts II

The original wig was bought off Ebay for $25, but I have since replaced it with a better quality one since the previous one tangled too easily.

The black vest was purchased from Target. It originally had long sleeves, but I modified it by cutting them off.

The white vest was bought from Goodwill. Later, I sewed the yellow lining onto the inside of the vest. (Bless my sewing machine needle for not breaking on that thick fabric) I bought gold and blue ribbon from the fabric store and sewed that onto the bottom of it.

The first version of the pants were simply a pair of dark jeans that I hand-sewed pockets onto, but unfortunately, they fell off. So, my second (and current) version is pants that my mum found at Goodwill that I sewed pockets onto with a machine. Tedious and a bit messy, but they stay put and look accurate, so I'm pleased with it for now. Lol.

Version one of the shoes were white sneakers I already had that I painted black and grey onto. But unfortunately, those shoes got wet and mildewy, so I had to throw them out. Version two of the shoes are a pair of white sneakers from Goodwill. I have yet to paint them.
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everythingman More photos!! The hair looks bomb! ^_^