Jean Grey




I love Jean Grey for several reasons. She's a redhead, she's a psychology major, and she has the ability to level rooms with the raise of her hand. I decided to do this costume because I saw Jean was not going to be included in the, "First Class," movie. Construction was surprisingly smooth for this costume. The fabric was difficult to source but well worth it! And at 25 dollars a yard, I hope this is the most expensive costume I will ever wear. I guess the strangest thing about this costume is that a lot people wanted me to take pictures with their kids! It made for a really fun convention. :) Please ask me any questions you may have, I'd be glad to tell you more.


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series X-Men
Character Jean Grey
Variant X MEN: First Class


steve 429 Love this costume

Thearah TOO COOL! Looks totally awesome!

ldjosh Of course you got a comment on, you're a cosplay queen!

ikearstin I saw your pics before! I LOVE this on you. And I think we have the same wig for Jean which makes it double awesome :) Hope to catch you some day!

chenmeicai Love your costume! Hawt! And the love poses with Logan! :D

Enigma R Draven Awesome First Class Jean Grey :D very good job love it ha ha

QueenNerd111889 you make a fantastic Jean, the construction of your suit is awesome, very clean. And that wig, oh gosh I love it. Where did you get it??

Narnian Gorgeous! I love your Jean Grey cosplay!

Xneloea You make an amazing Jean Grey! Wonderful, wonderful job!

Raviekins This is an awesome costume and album. That Wolverine is amazing too! ;D

kiratsukai This is fabulous. I commend you on your hawtness (and on the hawtness of the men you surround yourself with ^^ )