Megurine Luka




The nicest thing about making this costume was the creative freedom it allowed me. A while ago, a friend of mine came to me expressing an interest in Vocaloid, and asked if I would do Luka to her Miku. At first, I reluctantly agreed, so I started looking into it- this was before I even knew about Magnet.

Well, as I started getting into it, I saw the Magnet concept art, and fell in love with the gorgeous look of everything. The outfits seemed much easier to make than the actual Vocaloid outfits (and were!), and they also allowed a huge amount of leeway in the design. In fact, about the only thing you knew about Luka's dress design was that she had a bow off one shoulder, and that both girls had near-identical waistbands! If you'd like to see the details on how I made the dress, head on over to my website- you'll find it in the "In the Making" section!


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Vocaloid
Character Megurine Luka
Variant Magnet


Shana05 Your wig and earphones look great. Really you just look very pretty in this costume altogether.