Allen Walker




Well, first off- yes, this costume is ENTIRELY hand-made. My good friend Melody helped me with the hard parts of the coat, such as the collar, the interfacing, and attaching the sleeves- because last time I tried making a v3 coat I did the whole thing BACKWARDS. Ahaha. >>;

At any rate, I did all the decorating of the coat- adding the trim, the badge, and so forth. I also made Crown Clown entirely from scratch by sacrificing several feather boas and using a lot of fabric glue. It met with an unfortunate end because some jerk in the airport decided he wanted to rip it apart while going through my luggage. My rage knows no bounds.

It's been repaired, but still. RAGE. IT'S THERE.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Allen Walker


WARPAINTandUnicorns A belated Welcome to Canada/AN. I had to laugh because I had done the same Allen version at AN two years ago in the same location for photo's.