Temari of the Sand




Temari has been my favorite Naruto character since before I watched the show. I actually watched Naruto and Shippuden to find out more about her character and personality.

I chose her Kazekage Rescue Arc outfit because it was easiest of her outfits to make and one of the coolest ones she wears.

I did not make the kimono, obi, gloves, stocking, or headband. I bought those from the lovely Samtoenail. I did make the wig so if you have questions feel free to ask. I still have to fix a few things about the outfit (mainly fit and a few inaccurate pieces), but I love it to pieces. It's incredible comfortable (I didn't have to worry about the wig at all because of the headband) though surprisingly difficult to wear (The kimono kept splitting at inopportune times &gt;_<).


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Series Naruto
Character Temari of the Sand
Variant Kazekage Rescue Arc


creativecrater YAY FELLOW TEMARI!!! <3 All the shots with Shikamaru, especially.

Mehdia You make an amazing Temari. Your wig is perfect!

Thearah Wow! This turned out looking great!

MezzyChuu Great Temari! Your wig is perfect!

Retsu-kun Loved it! Superb work on that cosplay, specially for the hair and fan! =D

momoiru1994 whoooo nice!!!! *claps in hands* great!!! the wig and quality is awsome!!!