Hinamori Amu

Shugo Chara!



I started off by making the skirt. I wanted it to be super puffy, but functional. I made a pencil skirt to start, then gathered material at each end and stuffed it with polyfill. The bodice was made to zip up in the back and attached to the skirt. Each sleeve was made with individual half circles at the end of it.

I started the bib of the apron off by using a pre-made pattern, then added my own to suit Amulet Clover's look. I had some extra millinery wire from making Dagger's hat, so I used it in the bottom of the apron to shape it.

The tights were made by pinning knit fabric around my leg, then altering the top. I bought the shoes, but since there was only a mint green in the lolita shoes I sprayed them green with floral coloring.

The head piece started from a headband, and I built the decorative parts up from it. The giant clover is made from a thick piece of craft foam.

I used floral wire to create the heart shaped whisk, and styrofoam/paper mache for the handle.


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Series Shugo Chara!
Character Hinamori Amu
Variant Amulet Clover


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