KakeraのTsuki as Ion Fortuna

Ion Fortuna

Trinity Blood

Stories Untold Outfit

Cosplayer: KakeraのTsuki
This costume is my baby. <3 I spent an ungodly amount of time on it, lol. Started back in November (?) and worked on it on and off until right before the debut at AN.

Breaking the costume down:

red undershirt: Made of linen, all seams are overlocked and there are patterns on the back, as well.

Sleeves: Attached to the undershirt via velcro. The cuffs are interfaced. Lined.

Jacket: Lined and interfaced blue sateen jacket. It's a strange design, and it closes with a hidden button behind the chest plate.

'Skirt': lined blue sateen. Closes with a combination of buttons and velcro.

Hat: Dollar store base. Brim is shaped with sewn in wire.

Armor and accessories: Craft foam, shaped with hot glue and a soldering iron. Backed with heat formed styrene, then painted and attached with velcro.

Boots: brim made using interfaced white sateen. Sewn in place by hand.

Sword: Altered a katana by shaping the scabbard and blade; hilt modified by adding foam board, and all little details are craft foam.

cape: cream peachskin; flat felled seams around the hood and I didn't have time to finish the bottom edge.

embellishment: Applique glued with E6000. Gold poly, white/gold sateen, and red linen fabrics. Outlined with mutiple layers of metallic gold 3d paint and Jaquard Lumiere gold paint, then heat sealed. Hand beading, and gems also glued with E6000. All gold bias tape is mitered.

This costume is really comfortable, all things considered. I can bend, sit, cross my legs, etc. The shoes are a pain, but I can't expect anything else from 3" pointy stiletto heels. I didn't do anything to the wig, and wore it straight out of the bag because it was perfect as is. *-* The contacts are i.fairy cherry gold. Highly recommended!

Questions are welcome~! ^^