Star Willow as Judith


Tales of Vesperia

Cosplayer: Star Willow
All right then........ after many tears and breakdowns, Judith and Schwann were both done in time for Otakon! (as in, finished at 1 am Thursday night... x_x)

The fabric isn't what I would have originally liked to use, but I had to get what I could find in the colors I wanted. (actual fabric stores are few and far between these days, sadly)

The wig began its life as two separate wigs; the dark blue was originally 40" long, stubbed using Kukkii-san's method, and the antennae came from a 47" long wig that I cut all the wefts out of and bundled up into two ponytails. They were problematic!! And kept getting snarled on my collar. D: I managed to finish the wig in 1.5 days.

Overall, I am surprised that I A) got this finished in time (only had 2 weeks by the time I was done with Dom's Schwann costume!) and B) wore it in public and didn't feel embarrassed! (Normally I can't even go to the beach without wearing a coverup the whole time) It was fairly comfortable - even in the horrifying heat - though the wig was heavy... and THE BOOTS! My feet hurt so bad it got to the point where I couldn't walk at all. :( So this definitely won't be a 3-day costume ever again....