Sakura Kasugano

Street Fighter



Pretty simple cosplay The school shirt and skirt are both polyester with bias tape for the skirt's waistband and the shirt's white trim. The sleeves were hand gathered and set in. The school tie is actually just unhemmed spandex. I'm lazy, but hey it works.

I made the red undershirt and a pair of red undershorts out of an oversized Tshirt I had.

I couldn't afford to buy legit gloves, so the gloves were made by taking two foam cup holders and covering them in red stretchy fabric. They slide over my fingers and are clasped with a hook and eye on the inside of each wrist. Also there's a lot of hot glue involved haha.

I know that my shirt is very short, and my skirt very low. But I was still very new to cosplay while making this so I was still grasping the concepts of seam allowance and getting 2D fabric to properly fit a 3D body. i'm still very happy wearing this cosplay, I hope to get another chance to in the future.


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Series Street Fighter
Character Sakura Kasugano


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