Karitsa as Cherry


Saber Marionette J to X

Cosplayer: Karitsa
Dream cosplay comin' through! I've always loved Saber Marionette's exaggerated style and was determined to cosplay it one day. Cherry has been on my to-do list since I first started cosplaying and I'm so happy that it finally happened!

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- The headpiece was made using hard Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, nails, hook screws, and wooden dowels.
- The foam balls and wooden dowels were painted with acrylics then finished with a layer of gloss. The balls were then glued together and internally reinforced with toothpicks.
- Two small hook screws were clamped together for each side, with one screw being twisted into the golden balls and the other being drilled into the wooden dowels. Attaching the dowels to the balls in this way makes them swing and dangle with movement like they do in the anime!
- The large foam balls were attached to a thick headband using nails. The nail was hammered up and through the inside/bottom of the headband and into the foam ball on the opposite side.
- The headband was wrapped with a matte purple ribbon to help it blend in with the wig and disguise it!
- The wig was purchased online. I styled the bangs by myself using a teasing comb, heat, and got2B glued hairspray.
- The wig was originally a short base wig with two long clip-on ponytails. I removed the claw clip from the ponytails and after rolling the wefts together, stitched a strip of velcro to each.
- The opposing velco strips were sewn to the inside of the base wig along the "ear tabs.". Being able to attach and detach the "sideburns" like this allowed for easy brushing, cleaning, and transportation. The strands were also thicker this way!
- I couldn't find a matte purple eyeshadow to match the wig, so I stuck with my natural brows!
- The costume itself was custom-made according to my measurements by the talented Niram! I fell in love with her Cherry cosplay and she was nice enough to make me one of my own!
- The commissioned pieces include an inner dark pink kimono, an outer light pink one, a dark pink obi, a light pink hair bow, and a green foam gem with gold trim.
- The hair bow is attached to the headpiece using pink sewing pins and is then secured to the back of the wig with bobby pins. Wearing it this way keeps the bow nice and perky without having to stiffen it with starch or interfacing!
- The obi attaches with velcro in the back. I hot-glued the string in the middle so I wouldn't have to tie it each time and so the bow would hold a cute shape.
- The shoes are actually giant "running shoe" slippers! I removed the shoestrings along with some other details, then attached tubes of spare kimono fabric to the tops.
- The dark pink stripes on the shoes are just strips of craft foam with fabric wrapped around them! They were attached using hot-glue and reinforced with stitches in a few places.
- I attached a small squeaker to the bottom both shoes, so I made a cute noise with each step, just like the marionettes do in the anime!

If you have any questions about this costume, feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!