Touko/Hilda 2.0

Pokemon Black/ White



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I've loved Pokemon ever since I was a little girl, it was only a matter of time before I cosplayed from the series. Touko's outfit in particular stood out to me because it was so practical for traveling around and catching pokemon!


-Hat was purchased and I painted the pokeball design with pink acrylic paint

-Wristbands were patterned by me and made of stretchy material.

-Vest was patterned by me and made of woven fabric with working pockets

-Bag was patterned by me and made of pink cotton with zipper closure and front pocket. I painted the white pokeball design on the front of the bag with acrylic paint.

-Wig is from Purple Plum

-Boots were part of my wardrobe that I swapped the laces with pink parachute cord. I decided to not paint the soles pink because I wear the boots as a regular part of my wardrobe.

-Shorts and tank top were purchased

Video tutorials for this costume:


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Series Pokemon Black/ White
Character Touko/Hilda 2.0


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