RydiaValentine as Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII

Original FF7 game

Cosplayer: RydiaValentine
Photos by Humiure.

Exact cost: 61 €.

Making of process:

Aerith Gainsborough is my favorite character from Final Fantasy 7. Althought I HATE the plot because it is full of contradictions, I liked the characters, the music, the graphics, quests and the playing system/battle. Aerith is like a beautiful and kindhearted angel who keeps the group united and focused in their goals. She sacrifices herself in order to be able to summon sacred matter from the lifestream and destroy meteor in the end, avoiding the annihilation of life on earth. Her role is just like Yuna's, but she had to die because of it. I love her because she was super brave and gave up having a normal life with her beloved Zack for the sake of the planet. She sacrificed everything. It must be hard being born from a race that has an imposed task since the beginning of times. But she is able to live in the lifestream, as well as the other Cetra, because of her powers. So she used them to link Zack's soul in the lifestream. Now he can be forever together with her. This can be seen at the end of Advent Children. So I supposed she obtained what she wanted in the end and can be happy in the afterlife with her beloved ones.

For this cosplay, I bought 1,5 m of light pink gabardine, 1 m of light red tergal, 5 m of dark pink cotton ribbon at the cross, 2 green and 2 red big carnival rhinestones for the weapon (so, she has 2 summons and 2 magic spells) and 4 packets of 6 silver buttons. The wig is the 37 € wig from Ayanamisatoru's original website.

In order to make the dress I took my measures, divided them by 4, translated them to patterning paper, cut the paper, traced the paper twice in the fabric and cut two pieces. I did the same for the back. The only difference is that the front pattern has a V neck and were cut into two pieces, while the back one is straight and I cut it as a whole piece. I sewn the two parts of the dress (well, three, since the front one needs to be opened) and then sewn the dark pink ribbon around. I also used the dark pink ribbon to make two shoulder straps so the dress would be easy to put on. I sewn lke 9 buttons by hand and I did the buttonholes with the sewing machine.

For the jacket, I modified a pattern for a jacket I did in 2014. I took the front and back patterns, traced them again in a new pattern paper, then I took the measures of the height of the sleeves and the body so I would get the desired form. Then I shortened the sleeves and the height in order to look like a short jacket. Once the patterns were ready, I traced them into the red fabric, cut, and sewn everything together. Aerith's jacket looks like it is a denim jacket, with certain buttons and a certain pattern in the stitches. So I drew all the lines with a fabric marker and then sewn on them, tracing the pattern, with black thread so the jacket would look like the original FF7 artwork. I sewn the buttons by hand and the buttonholes with the sewing machine. The neck was patterned and sewn on after I finished the jacket itself.

For the silver bracelets, I used some felt left overs, covered them with silver lycra left overs, and used silver press-buttons and silver hooks to attatch them to the sleeves and closed them in one side. I sewn on by hand the silver buttons, which were like 12 on each silver bracelet.

For the golden bracelets, I used some felt left overs and did 6 bracelets (3 for each hand), covered them with golden imitation of suede left overs and sewn them together (3 for each one). I used a silver press-button to close them around my arms so they don't fall off.

I also made the boot covers using felt and an imitation of suede. But the color was too light, and I couldn't find the darker shade. So I dyed them with brown fabric tint. Once I took measures, made the patterns and traced everything on fabric, I dyed everything and put it to dry. Once dried, I sewn everything on, sewn black elastic to adjust them to the boots I was going to wear and sewn black velcro in the back. I also made a stripe with the fabric which I also dyed, since Aerith has one on her ankles.

I made the staff with the thick cardboard sticks that the fabric stores throw to the rubbish when each stick fabric runs off. I choose different sizes so they could fit inside each other. I used a long one for the center and a shorter one cut into to for both extremes. I also cut a lot of foam stripes, two circles and some rectangle pieces with a hole inside and glued them along all the staff to make the different relief pieces. Once everthing was assembled, I painted everything with syntethic silver painting and added the rhinestones in the wholes of the rectangle pieces. Since the rhinestones are flat and the staff was round, I only could attatch them by using these typical sewing silver pins through the small holes of the rhinestones and used a hammer to push the pins inside the staff.

Finally, I recycled a brown basket my mother was going to throw off and synthetic white flowers painted in yellow with yellow acrylics and water mix. I attatched the flowers inside and around the basket with adhesive translucent tape, since the basket has translucent plastic inside, so they won't fall off.

I also styled the bangs with gelatine leaves and a hairdryer and did a beautiful pink ribbon for her hair with the left overs of the light pink gabardine. I bought a translucent small ball and painted it inside with synthethic painting, mixing blue, white and green. That is the sacred matter she wears on her hair in the game. I also used a thin, black, satin ribbon for the necklace.