Helena Harper

Resident Evil 6



My costume for Helena consists of: a brown wig, dark blue police hat, blue necktie, denim jacket, blue skirt, black belt, brown belt, garters, black boots and black fingerless gloves. The only equipment I had for the photos is the baton. I am planning to add more of Helenas stuff because she has a lot of accessories attached to her belt. The most essential part of this costume is the jacket witch the logo on its back. I took me a while to find the most similar as possible. I was looking not only for the colour and cut, but also for the style of the buttons and I think I got a great one for this. As for the R.P.D logo, I managed to paint it with a big help of my boyfriend. Then I also took a small piece of a red fabric and painted the Follow me text onto it creating a patch which I sewed on the back of the jacket later. Finally, I stitched the two R.P.D badges on the sleeves and, to be as precise as possible, I even attached the small piece of a red fabric to the side of the front pocket. I am still considering to get a new hat for this outfit since I would say that Helena has it in a dark grey colour. Overall, I am really satisfied with the look of the whole costume. :)


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Series Resident Evil 6
Character Helena Harper
Variant Sexy police officer outfit


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