Imperator Furiosa

Mad max fury road



Made with to cosplay with my bae. <3 I helped her by making Max's mask, leg brace, and doing airbrushing on the jacket/pants. She did the stitching on the jacket as well as distressing.

For Furiosa I did a LOT of work. I heavily distressed/aged the pants, cut slits in the pants and added backing behind, then hand stitched details on each slit. Her shirt is many wrapped layers of tea-stained and airbrushed jersey knit glued on a shirt base. I made the fake corset out of knit fabric. Got a million used leather belts at Goodwill to cut up and use.

Her big belt buckle thing I sculpted with epoxy clay, then screwed it to a thick leather base. The random chains are all attached through holes I drilled in the leather.

Her arm of course was the most work. I gathered supplies and planned it for like 2 months, but actually fabricated it in like 2 days right before the con. It is made with many spare parts, wonderflex, thick craft foam, etc. It actually is very comfortable for what it is and moves well. I was pretty happy with it! The snaps are real too, so it is easy to take the arm off without removing the whole rig (to eat, etc).


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Character Imperator Furiosa


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