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OKAY. So. I'll just go top to bottom on this one. Wig is an Arda Magnum XL in I think Princess Pink. Hair clip and broach were made of craft foam, then mod podge'd, painted, and sealed. Neck tie was satin ribbon with hand-painted fabric paint lines, and the ends were melted to prevent fraying. The collar is bleached muslin and the red line is fabric paint. It closes with a snap and is attached to the shrug. The SHRUG. What a pain. It's a polypoplin lined with a red suiting. The whole thing is edged in double-fold bias tape and there's single-fold bias tape topstitched and then hand-stitched to the sleeves. The curve is a lantern sleeve with a french seam in the middle to add a bit of stability. The front has snap closures. The dress: the top is bias-cut bleached muslin, which was gathered, attached, fray-checked, and then I sewed a piece of elastic string to points on the top so the gathers would stay and it would hold up. The rectangle and triangles on the front are polypoplin with interfacing and double-fold bias tape, hand-tacked. The dress is a princess seam with a side zipper that goes all the way up through the white bodice. It's lined with red suiting and edged in bias tape like the rest of the costume. The pants are white ponte knit with an elastic waistband. The leg belts velcro to the pants and the ends velcro together. The belts (all of them) are made of pleather, with belt buckles, grommets, velcro, etc. The white hip drape things are bias-cut bleached muslin edged with double-fold bias tape and slide onto the belt via a casing, and they gather a little bit between the loops on the hip armor. The pouch is craft foam, mod podge, pleather, velcro, and about half a bottle of superglue.

Props and armor! All the armor is craft foam and worbla. The chestplate has a velcro strap and D-rings. The pauldron has worbla strips that I tie ribbon to (which is stitched to the shrug). The hip armor has worbla belt loops. The vambraces slide on. The shield started as a Captain America shield, then I covered it in foam and worbla, and replaced the elastic with wide white elastic, long enough to wrap around the vambrace. The detailing is worbla. The mace is EVA foam, PVC pipe, and worbla. Everything was painted with acrylic.

The boots are purchased. I ran out of time before I could do boot toppers or the toe straps, so I want to do that.

tl;dr Bias tape HELL. Armor hell. Pattern alteration hell. HELL.


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