Paine (White Mage)

Final Fantasy X-2



I made my first Paine cosplay almost 5 years ago, but I still love the character and the game's costume design. I finally managed to cross another one of those outfits off my list.

I love this costume, because Paine manages to take a boring design and make it look cool and badass! Yuna and Rikku, on the other hand, look nothing but sweet and cuddly and utterly harmless in their White Mage robes...

It's a simple concept, but the details / appliqué on the robe made this quite a time-consuming project nonetheless.

My pet peeve with the White Mage outfits in this game is the colors: The designers used at least two different shades of white, and some of the details that may look black at first sight are actually navy blue or purple. I spent a lot of time pouring over screenshots and the 3D model
(thanks to Vince Noir for the rips, they were so helpful!)
trying to figure out the color scheme and all those little details.

I still need to finish the hood and fix a few little details, but I want to take it out for photoshoot soon. I'd love to do a double photoshoot with my Black Mage Paine costume *.*

Cost: EUR 115 (~ US$ 165)


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Paine (White Mage)


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