Rei Miyamoto

Highschool of the Dead



I stumbled upon the manga a while back and gave it a try and needless to say, I was instantly hooked! CocoMaki and I had originally planned a year ago that she do Rei and I do Saeko, although plans fell through. It wasn't until a month before Anime North that I decided to re-watch/re-read the series and decided to do Rei.

This was my first time constructing something without the need of a pre-made pattern so it was slightly challenging, but a fun learning experience! It was my first time making a pleated skirt as well so while it wasn't amazing, I learned a lot. The wig I bought from sonteen12, although I ran out of time so I couldn't style in the antennas. In any case, before I bring out Rei again, I'm going to remake everything from scratch and possibly add battle damage/blood to this one for photoshoot purposes.


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Series Highschool of the Dead
Character Rei Miyamoto


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