Elizabeth Middleford




The most challenging part of this costume was arranging/matching all of the prints and patterns. While I didn't match the reference perfectly, I think everything turned out alright in the end. The dress is lined and made of diamond home decor fabric (half off - yahoo!). The pink underskirt is about 4.5 yards of pink satin, though I used the reverse side. The bodice is made of the same brown suiting of Sumikin's Ciel outfit and includes boning. In the reference, the front of Lizzie's torso isn't shown so I "designed" the front myself. It was also my first time making/using piping! I also made all of the trim myself. Small victories. The front and back bow were made using my favorite bow pattern and the cookie on the front was made by BlitzAceTidus and glued on. The ruched skirt piece in the back gave me an unnecessary amount of trouble. I dyed the fabric 4 times though I wasn't able to achieve the color I had hoped for and it's now a yucky greenish brown color - definitely my least favorite part of the costume. My favorite part of the costume is the tiny cake hat, which was made by BlitzAceTidus! My other favorite part is cosplaying with Sumikins as my delicious counterpart. :3


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Elizabeth Middleford
Variant Valentine's Edition


KnightJeran Super super cute. You NAILED it. :P