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I can't remember why I chose to do a costume as crazy as this, but I think it was because I was talked into doing a Guilty Gear cosplay group. I love the game, and it never gets love!

This costume had a few first to me, and I really loved the way that it turned out in the end. :D

The patterned the whole outfit myself. It's made from Kona Cotton and all of the trim is biast tape. The little details on the shirt flaps are applique. It was my first time pleating a skirt, and I'm fairly happy with the results. The details on it are all bias tape and lots of careful stitching.

The armlets are Kona cotton and bias tape, and then upholstery vinyl for the top parts. I had never sewed it before so it was kinda crazy. @[email protected]

I made the boot covers from Kona Cotton and casa satin.

The wig. DAT WIG. It was my first time attempting a wig (or anything for that matter), this crazy.

The ring base was cardboard and expanding insulation foam. I carved the foam down and then covered it in newspaper paper mache. I painted the whole thing brown and then started covering it in wefted hair extensions (Arda long wefts-- Spanish Brown). I used a paintbrush to put a layer of tacky glue down, then wrapped the hair around, and then put another layer of tacky glue over it. About 1.5 packs of the long wefts went it. The gold wrap around is 3mm craft foam.

The ring is actually bolted into the wig. I took a small piece of Sintra and formed it to my head. I cut two holes, and then stuck two carriage bolts through it, and then glued that to the underside of the wig. The bolts stick up through the hair, and then into the ring, which was glued into place with Silicone Caulk. The underside of the bolts in the wig is padded with quilt batting.

It looks heavy, but it is only about 2-3 pounds, and is more comfy than I thought it would have been. I was able to wear it all day without any discomfort. If anything, it's just awkward to walk around/sit in, and it's hard to hear people. And I have to be careful, because it's really hard and can hurt people. xD


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GamesYouCantWin Is that your real hair?

DROO That hair piece is so awesome!!! Great work!