My friend MysteriousMaemi suggested I'd do a cosplay of Mayu. I'm hardly up to date on any Vocaloid news, so i had not heard of her yet. I really loved her design and after some research I had to admit she was a very interesting character. I really love the design of her hair and decided that if i'd do her, i'd want to do dye a wig myself and get it just right. So the challenge was on. :)

COMING SOON: Bunny + Axe accessoiries


Worn on:
- BIFFF 2013 (Belgium) - Sunday
- Animecon 2013 (Netherlands) - Saturday

========= CREATION =========

I've dyed quite a few wigs already, but i'm usually not satisfied with how the result comes out. Many techniques to dye a wig have the problem that the colour will rub off, even after rinsing it many times. For this wig i chose to use the "sharpie dye"-technique. In my opinion, it gives the best coloring result. You can completely customize the dye you'll be using and the best thing is the colors never rub off afterwards (or at least not in my case up till now). This last feature was quite important in my opinion since i didn't want for example the yellow parts to turn orange after rubbing the purple/pink parts too much.

I decided to use beads in stead of leds in her dress. I found that using real leds might actually look ugly on this cosplay as well as distracting since the front part is already very busy. There would also have been way too many leds which would make the front part less comfortable to wear.

have fun ~~


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