Kaoru Kaidoh

Prince of Tennis



Worn For:
BASHCon 2013
Cosplay Party 4.9.13
Kaidoh's Birthday Photoshoot 5.11.13
Bedford Library Con 2013
Youmacon 2014

Getting back into this fandom in 2013, I've realized my love for Kaidoh far exceeds my love for Echizen, though I want to eventually do him as well, Kaidoh just felt like a better first choice.

For Kaidoh's bandanna, I do plan to make my own but for now use a store bought one. And I've used my own hair, but may buy a wig.

The Tennis racquet is my own I've had for 5 years. I do play Tennis for fun and it was great to pull it out for photos.

The shirt is from my closet and is an Item that works perfectly for the character

For the shorts, I bought a pair of white pants from Goodwill, and tacked them at the knees, measuring and cutting them the right length and then sewing the ends turned up inside for a nice hem.

The shoes are a pair of Pumas I bought on my 19th birthday with my own money, specifically for Kaidoh.


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Series Prince of Tennis
Character Kaoru Kaidoh
Variant Training Clothes/Seigaku Uniform


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