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Well, I fell in love with Kugelmugel the instant I saw him basically. Although at the time I thought "he" was a "she" but of course Himaruya was trolling with the way he designed him. -_- Either way though, I knew I kind of really wanted to cosplay Kugelmugel, once I saw his debut in the "A Treasure Box of Countries".

Not only is he adorable but his first declaration of "ART!" had me hooked, seeing how I'm someone who loves arts and crafts as well. c:

Then during Megacon I was talking with friends and one of them said he was thinking of cosplaying the also recently debuted Micronation, Molossia. I looked at him with a seriously surprised & excited expression and told him that he should "Do it!" because I'd totally cosplay Kugelmugel. And so we decided to go for it. ^^

I wasn't planning on cosplaying him until probably next year to be honest, but since my friend who will cosplay Molossia is from Japan and won't be here for next Megacon and may be heading back to Japan for good after next Spring, I knew I should go ahead and really get him done. So, Kugelmugel for Metrocon it was!

I made the three main clothing pieces; the shirt, vest and pants and everything else was bought mostly. The beret, leggings, shoes, cross tie and wig were bought while I made simple little gold crest pins and styled the wig myself. But... that wig needs a LOT of help. ^^; Luckily Metrocon was just his debut and my friend and I will have our Micronations shoot at AFO so I have time to fix it, and luckily I think I know exactly what needs to be done now to improve it. Plus I also need to get some type of brown cabachon stone for the cross tie (a detail I didn't even notice on his sketch until a couple of weeks before the convention).

Getting to say/yell "It's ART!" a lot was incredibly fun. XD Sadly, the wig was easily destroyed not even half way into the day. /: Being at the large Hetalia photoshoot, people kept bumping into me, or more specifically my back and my braids, and they got more and more messed up. So as I said, a lot will be done with that. But Kugel really is fun to cosplay. I think being tired was part of what made his debut a little less fun/enjoyable than I would've liked, but I hope to have him all fixed and ready to go in a good suit by AFO!


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