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When I first saw the concept art for Medusa in Nintendo Power, I KNEW that I had to cosplay her. I just didn't know how, why or when. This was my dream cosplay for much of this last year, and I worked on it off and on. It was a process, I won't lie!

The dress is four different layers and is crushed velvet. It was a risky choice of fabric, since it CAN look cheap when done wrong, but I'm glad I went with it, since it looks so luxurious in the end. *A* The trim is either bias tape, or ribbon and gold cording. It was very tedious applying it, but once it was done, it was done. The detaling on the long sleeve is craft foam, and the arm bracers are craft foam covered in velvet, and then vinyl for the gold parts. The red belts are made fron seude.

The Horn is made from Expanding foam, covered in Paper Mache, and the other belt details are made of craft foam. The hands are black satin bridal gloves that were painted with fabric paint in the strange ombre. I then glued fake nails to the fingers.

The wig was a challenge. I went with a wig from I bought some snakes from a party store, cut them in half and poured out the 'filling'. I made little wire 'snakes' that have craft foam bases on one side. I stuck the wire through the wig, and glued the craft foam on the inside of the wig. With the wires sticking through, I glued the snakes onto the wire and voila.

The staff was a labor, and I spent about a month working on it off and on. It's got a base of Cardboard and Expanding Insualtion foam. It was carved down and then covered in masking tape, and then paper mache. I then painted it the proper colors and yea! If you want more info, I have plenty of progress photos that I would be happy to shoot your way.

We painted me with Mehron SFX paint. It wasn't bad, but I'd really like to try something that I can get a less streaky look with.


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