Akahime as Gumi



Standard Version

Cosplayer: Akahime
Costume in progress! I finished the vest in 4.75 hours, all done in one night! It was pretty tedious work I must say! I look forward the doing the skirt now, as I thought that would be the hardest part! I didn't use a pattern for the vest, not really anyways. I used clothes I already have (like a vest and a small suit-like top) and modified the pattern from there. I was difficult to figure out AFTER I started cutting because sometimes I realized I did not give myself enough room for sewing. >>;; The vest fits me just right though. A little tight around the bust line thus to make my precious bust look voluptuous! 8D LMAO

The skirt... mannn that took me longer than execpted... and more fabric than I first anticipated. 8D Good thing I got a lot of yellow fabric. Sewed the skirt together similar how one would sew a school fuku skirt. Just put them closer together and since it was lighter in weight and close knitted together, they poofed out.

The under shirt I just did a single layer to make it 'transparent' like and made it more like a tubetop to wear.

The boots. Ahhh, the boots. I sprayed painted them... not the greatest idea. I WILL GO AND DO BOOT COVERS FOR THEM EVENTUALLY~