First cosplay (or cosplays, rather, as I made Mordecai's as well.) Complete enough to debut, though there are some touches I would like to finish up. All in all I learned a lot and we had so much fun wearing them.


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Series Borderlands
Character Lilith


LadyCrankypants I look forward to seeing the new versions! You'll surely have a good time ripping things to bits in exact precision to get the firehawk look ;) And I can only imagine how much work the tattoo was - Moxxi's makeup took way longer than I care to remember!

Eitanya Thank you! We're currently working on turning these into the Borderlands 2 versions so I'm excited to polish everything up and revamp it. Not looking forward to drawing that tattoo on again though! And yes, hehe, the goatee is our main cosplay challenge.

LadyCrankypants They look fabulous! The wig is lovely, both costumes are well put together, and I love the digistruct modules, great detail! Oh, and your tattoos - fabulous :) Though Mordecai looks great, the fact that he has a moustache entertains me to no end ;) Awesome work!