Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Alright I did this cosplay because of my fandom. I got sick of seeing every Rainbow Dash in boot short, or rainbowed out with rainbow beads and rainbow leggings, or wearing things like rainbow tutu's which Dash wouldn't be caught dead in.

So I ask myself who is Rainbow Dash. She is the greatest flyer in Equestria. Why doesn't anybody dress her up as a flyer then?! So that's what I did.

The pants are repurposed from my Prussia uniform. The coat was a godly thrift find. The wings are craft foam, 9 and 18 gauge wire and a shit ton of hot glue.

I'm a little bummed not a lot of people posted pictures of this cosplay. I'll have to do a proper shoot some time.


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Series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Character Rainbow Dash
Variant WWI flyer, steampunk


blinkyblues Aw thank you. My design for Rainbow Dash is actually strongly inspired by the booty shorts/tut versions. Of all of my pony cosplays I actually put the most amount of thought into my RD design, simply because I find the normal cosplay for her character to be so completely out of character for her.

LadyCrankypants I love this! I don't know much about MLP, but I've gleaned enough to know you nailed it, and your Rainbow Dash definitely looks much more badass than the usual booty shorts/tutu versions - awesome work!! Love the pilot ensemble :)