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I chose to make this costume next as I've always dreamed of making a cosplay from HxH. It's one of the top series of all time and Neferpitou seemed like a good choice for me (: Can't wait to start working on this properly!

Update1. Now I have finished making the jacket and shorts for Nefer. I also have the wig, shoes and yellow contacts now. So things left to do are: socks, ears, tail and paws. I also gotta figure out how to make my knees look like ant joints hmmm...

Update2. The costume was made in time and succesfully worn at Desucon Frostbite, Lahti, Finland. The costume was really comfortable to wear and it really made my day when some convention visitors actually recognized my character ^___^ Thank you! Thank you for the photos as well, all the credit goes to those skillfull photographers.


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Series Hunter x Hunter
Character Neferpitou


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