Makoto nanaya




Rhode Island Comic Con 2012
Katsucon 2013
Conbust 2013

This is one of my favorite cosplays. I love Blazblue with a burning passion, and Makoto's one of my favorite characters... (not that I don't love them all a heckload.)

Being her is super fun, and she's my only cosplay I end up getting super into battle poses.

Not sure when I'm retiring her, but it's probably not soon!

This costume has went through a small series of tiny changes, and you can kinda see the differences. Right now, I'm not happy with what I have but I will fix it up!


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Last Updated 5 years ago
Created 6 years ago
Series Blazblue
Character Makoto Nanaya


Seority So cute! Keep it up!

Uerria Can't seem to reply... but maybe you'll see this comment one day. xD Thank you! I'm hoping it won't be cold in the convention. .__. Debuting it this weekend, and it's pretty cold out now. D:

BisectedBrioche Good luck (it's always impressive when someone cosplays her, I hope it's not too cold). That wig looks great!