Tales of Graces



I've had my eye on Pascal for a while, and since the original Midlands Expo plans fell through (Odin Sphere), a Tales of Graces group was born.

Asbel - Red
Sophie - Bexi
Cheria - Street-Angel
Hubert - Hazel
Malik - ff_zidane (Sam)
Richard - Jellybean (Elliot)
Elliot wasn't with us as Richard at Midlands Expo

This costume was a pain to construct and since Street-Angel made everybody else's costumes in the group I really felt the pressure.
I think it turned out okay in the end but there's so much that I could do better.
This was my first time dying anything and making shorts.

My prop was made by ff_zidane
Wig was by me


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Series Tales of Graces
Character Pascal


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