Queen Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past



While I'm waiting for Rikku-Chan's photos which will be released after her semester finals (understandably so), here's a shot from Stephen Pham's coverage of Youmacon 2011. I wanted to let everyone see what I'd finished!

The wig is an Ashley 850 in LG26 cut and styled by me.
The ears are custom cast by Daguru.

The dress was the Simplicity Lord of the Rings pattern, and I drafted my own sleeves. I cut the largest size and had to tailor it down at least one size to fit properly. The pink tabbard was drafted based on the dress bodice, and sewn to the stretched elastic belt. The cape was drafted from scratch as well based on tips from Godsavethequeen Fashions. The painting was all done freehand with screen printing inks, lumieres, and fabric paints, all from Jacquard.

The armor is all resin-coated craft foam. The belt pieces are made from wood, resin-coated craft foam, drinking straws, and beads.

You can't see them but my boots are Steve Maddens, and my hoop skirt was purchased from a bridal store in New York.

This costume was very well received. Many people, even if not familiar with the older school Zelda games knew I was Zelda. The audience in the masquerade cheered very loudly for Zelda. I call her Queen Zelda because that's what I was called multiple times over the weekend.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Character Queen Zelda
Variant Queen's Gown


tarinalove :) I love you so much for doing this. This is my all time favorite game and nobody cosplays this version. So thank you.

PockyMonsta Amazing! Simply amazing, I love your eye for detail and the wig is so beautiful! Putting this to my favourites <3 <3

ladysphinx07 I saw you at Youmacon and your dress was beautiful!

HimeZelda Its ok that you call her Queen Zelda, thats the title of this outfit in That A Link to the Past Manga actually!! And you do this version of Zelda better than anyone I know!! =D