Ronald Knox




I had a lot of fun going out as Ronald Knox from kuroshitsuji at Otakuthion this year. The costume is for most part recycled clothes from my wardrobe and my friend wardrobe... But that doesn't make it a plain closet cosplay! I spent a lot of time tweaking with the wig and dyeing it (they shipped me the wrong was gray) and even more time building my lawnmower... which unfortunately got destroyed by some random dude who stepped on it at the con :/ . I even crafted the glasses with sculpy clay !

All in all, Ronald is a really fun character to cosplay, he is full of energy and exuberant which mean I could let myself go and be natural ( I am an happy go lucky fellow so it was fun to act more like myself in a costume )

Hope you guys like it <3


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Ronald Knox


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