Watanuki Kimihiro




When my brother expressed interest in crossplaying Yuuko Ichihara, I was only too happy to throw myself into her clutches. Watanuki is so adorable. XD

The wig is the Derek in black from Arda. The bangs were super thick, so I spent some time trimming and thinning until I could get Watanuki's trademark part.

The uniform was commissioned from cosplay1.com. I dig the giant buttons.

The glasses are plano lenses, as I was wearing a blue contact and a yellow contact, both prescription.

The pipe fox spirit was made according to the tutorial on dA by rallamajoop.

We spent about five hours transforming my brother into Yuuko. That wig. THAT. WIG.

Eau de Decus as Yuuko Ichihara
Kendama Master as Fai D. Flourite


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Series xxxHolic
Character Watanuki Kimihiro
Variant Winter Uniform


Athel You make a wonderful Watanuki~! <3