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1/26/12 Right now I'm in the process of making my dress for Zelda from Skyward Sword. I got the fabric back in October when it was on sale. I got five yards for fifteen dollars! The wig I got for twenty dollars and am styling it myself. The colors for some things will be a little off from the game because I started this before the game came out. I was using the concept art as a reference.
The things I'm really focusing on for this cosplay is texture and detail. And I have to admit, the price has been awesome. I've been getting everything on sale.
I made the gold belt out of beads that I had to get from three different Jo Ann's stores. The blue fabric on the side were remnants, I made the stencil for the symbol on it myself. It's coming out really well. And tonight I hope to have the dress put together, but I've been saying that for weeks.
I really wanted to try and make this on my own since usually my mom makes my stuff and even though I've been asking for her help I have done a lot if not most all of it on my own. I've just been asking for advice. I hope you like it!
6/28/13 I finally finished this cosplay in March! I made most of it when I was heavier so I took a lot of reference pictures and figured out how to make it proportional to me and then made the tabbard. The tabbard was traced out and cut out with a something blade and I used fusible stuff to iron it on and then sewed it on. The brown belt is sude, the gold belt is plastic christmas ornaments that I bought from Michael's, painted gold and linked together with wire. The gold details on the dress are ribbon that I hand sewed on. The wig is a golden blonde wig that I cut bangs into and cut the parts in the front to be a bit shorter, got excess ribbon from my captain america costume and made little tubes out of them that I filled with chair stuffing, painted gold, glued some cut hair from the wig onto it and then sewed it into the wig. Then I carefully place the hair that is still on the wig around the ribbons and secure with the decorative ribbon. This costume is a mix of taking liberties on things to make it more accurate to the period like it was garb, and then I used what I liked from the original concept art (mostly the color choices) and then actual screen shots from the game.


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Japanimemusic Thank you!!! That means a lot, I was really having trouble with that part. I promise you'll see pictures of the completed thing very soon! :D