Dissidia: Final Fantasy



Another version of Sephiroth, to fit with MDA's Kuja and Liliana's Emperor at Con-G 2012.

The coat is my Crisis Core version for the time been, but other straps were added to fit the Dissidia design. Finally been able to wear that coat in winter and not in summer was a miracle, I'm telling you!

The rest is kinda long to explain, so basically:
* Shoulder armor - PaperMaché + Paperclay + Wonderflex + Hot glue + Lots and lots of sanding + Primer + Paint + Varnish + Purple/blue fabric + Hand-made resin jewels
* Wrist armor: Thread + Hot glue + Craft foam + Sealer + Paint
*SOLDIER belt: Pleather + Craft foam + Velcro + Suspenders buckles + Cap snaps
*Over-belt & Feather pendant: Arborite + Fimo + Mod Podge + Paint + Varnish + Handmade resin jewel
*Beads: Resin + Glass transparent medium and paint + Hot glue
*Buckles: Wood sticks + Wood glue + Friendly plastic + Fimo + Mod Podge + Paint + Varnish + Cap snaps
Scarf: Fabric + Feathers + Beads + Hot glue + Fabric paint
*Boots: Pleather + Man snickers + Belt buckles + Leather superglue
*Masamune: Poplar + Nails + Wood filler + Wood glue + Primer + Paint + Varnish + Silver tape + Pleather ito

...and I think that's all! *faints* I'm sparing everyone the details like latex molds and the such ^^;


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Character Sephiroth


Liliana Love your Sephiroth!~ :D So accurately made too!

MDA Being Kuja with you was so much fun X3