Snow White (Enchanted Princess ltd edition)

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I always wanted to make a less-known variant of Snow White and at the same time something history inspired. Stumbling upon this Mattel version was one of the 2 best versions ever! :)

As for my swordmaster I had blue velvet fabric laying around and leftover worbla. Recovered golden trims (umi) + golden sequins ( queen clarion), rocailles (type of pearls), blue inlay fabric, (old wide circle skirt) left-over cotton (from different projects) and red inlay fabric. Then I bought the yellow/golden satin fabric (6m - not used all), yellow bridal satin fabric (4m - not even used half of it) red wine velvet fabric (1m), 1 pack of red satin ribbon (bow and center), a new round tablecloth and a lot of blue satin ribbon with 2 packs of embroidery thread.

The blue ribbon received little rounds from the embroidery thread, long and patient work of course. The tablecloth was cut in half and added some plastic, white boning.

The bodice was made from velvet fabric, 2 layers of left over cotton fabric, added metal rounds boning and the sleeves.
The skirt was cut so it would have a less amount of pieces. The front part received neat stiching, same way applied as my swordmaster, to create the diamonds and then it was completed with sequins and rocailles.

The cloak was made separately.

Due to missing time the cloak was quickly finished as well as taking in the corset (it is still too wide as I originally wanted to add the corset style -> more fabric at the back to add extra aid to the holes). Those will be adjusted next time.

Total time: about 2 months
Kosten: ~ 160 Euro


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Character Snow White (Enchanted Princess ltd edition)


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