Akahime as Petra Ral

Petra Ral

Attack on Titan

Cosplayer: Akahime
The jacket is made out of vinyl (but never again will I use vinyl for clothes unless I REALLY REALLY have to). The harness is elastic and I'm still missing a few details because I don't know why, but my sister and I thought we were done. Hahaha... ^^;

The 3DMGs were made out of foam board, insulation foam, and plywood for the blade. :) Many thanks to our friend Lano Thor for guiding us through on how to make it. Without him, we'll be pretty much lost. xD

I'm going to get a light orange wig color for my Petra soon because I don't want to get mistaken for Christa/Historia again! 8D (I also blame the fact that my sister was Ymir and she was with me most of the time...)