Shirt: Sourced the screen-accurate fabric from online, sewed, then "distressed" by cutting bottom and a few holes in the shoulder.

Knife Vest: Used a leather purse from Goodwill, deconstructed, then used the leather and pieces as the base for the vest. Added grommets to attach pieces together with leather string. made the knifes from craft foam and used metallic silver and black spray paint.

Pants: Goodwill jeans, hand picked the holes to create the distressed look

Chaps: deconstructed a suede skirt from Goodwill, made a mock up using muslin, then cut out in the suede. Top stitched pockets and added grommets in the back and front to attach the two sides with leather string. Finally, added suede loops at the top to string my belt through.

Belt: old belt that belonged to my husband

Boots & leg warmers: boots were mine and made the leg warmers from J.Crew Camp socks by cutting off the feet and slipping them over the bottom of my jeans.

Hair/makeup: no wig used, just slept with my hair wet and messed it up a little in the morning. Makeup was tricky, used special effects makeup to build up the bridge of my nose, LOTS of Vaseline to smooth it out, then liquid latex to seal. Basically winged it and had no idea what I was doing since this was the 1st costume I ever had to use serious makeup for, so I was fairly pleased.


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